Three ways to earn a money for student

Only a lazy and well-fed student (which, in principle, is nonsense) does not dream of earning extra money somewhere. Of course, all employers want to get honest, hardworking and disciplined employees even as "freelancers". And students, in principle, having preserved their freedom, can at least slightly correct their material dependence on their parents, have money for entertainment and, of course, for books on their specialty, and maybe even get closer to a more serious dream. But do not rush recklessly to the first vacancy that comes along. It is necessary to carefully weigh the proposals of employers and evaluate their capabilities. Of course, first of all we are interested in places with part-time employment and guaranteed payment.


About work: you need to stand in special equipment in crowded places and talk about the merits of a particular product. Requirements: often, when applying for a job, they pay attention to appearance, to the ability to speak correctly and loudly. Pros: work mainly in rooms with good conditions, no one "stands over the soul", if you work with products, you will not have to spend money on lunch. Cons: it happens to work outdoors, despite the weather conditions; constant communication with a huge number of not always polite and adequate people; sometimes there are "roundups" and, if they are caught drinking tea or "standing idle", they can be fined or even fired; work is unstable — from action to action.

Three dumplings in a wooden basket.

CALL center operators

About work: you are required to conduct telephone surveys of random people selected by a computer, and then, based on the information received, fill out questionnaires provided by companies for use in various marketing and social studies. Requirements: PC knowledge, competent speech, absence of diction defects, sociability. Pros: the opportunity to work in large companies (banks, information centers of large mobile operators), career growth in the future, internships, trainings. Cons: a very rolling schedule, as soon as the program receives funding, the customer specifies the timing of surveys — it can be a week, two days, or a month; work in a noisy environment, not always the correct reaction of subscribers, willingness to respond to a response "at the wrong address"; work is quite monotonous for a creative nature.

We are looking for actors of extras in movies and on television

About work: you will become a spectator on the set of a popular talk show, ask questions to studio guests, participate in live broadcasts, surveys. It is possible that you will play the role of the main character, according to the scenario — positive or negative. Requirements: young people, often recruit people of a certain style of clothing or gender. To work with questions, people with competently, clearly, emotionally delivered speech are suitable, who are able to repeat the questions prepared by the editor. For the main character, it is mandatory to have acting skills and a good memory for texts. Pros: payment immediately after the end of the filming process, during breaks, actors are often treated to coffee and sandwiches; the opportunity to make good acquaintances, for theater students — a chance to practice working on camera. Cons: very often the show, instead of the promised 2 hours, goes all 4 - during this time you will not be paid, there is an option to get to the shooting of nature, that is, on the street. Note: the most realistic chance to get into the crowd is to go to the "show business, television" section on employment sites, click on the employer's link: there you need to fill out a questionnaire and put your photos and contacts in the Internet database of film studios and production centers. After the first shooting, you can meet people, exchange agent phones and participate constantly in the shooting.

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